Strive for a Better Carson City!

Strive for a Better Carson City!

Strive for a Better Carson City!Strive for a Better Carson City!Strive for a Better Carson City!

Proudly Running Non Partisan

See what Nathaniel Killgore will do for you as Mayor of Carson City.

Nathaniel's Platform

Education Reform

My first priority will be our schools that continue to operate with unacceptably low standards.

 Compared to countries leading in education that spend less per student, it's evident that school funding in the U.S is adequate, indicating a misuse or abuse of funding appropriations. 

Rental Caps

As mayor, I will institute apartment housing rental caps. Which means apartment property owners and management companies would be unable to increase rental costs by more than 3% per calendar year.   

Public Safety

 I will improve the 

public's confidence in 

emergency responders.

 With my efforts and the participation of our residents, we can strengthen the relationship between the community and its

 public safety officials.

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Killgore grew up in a working class household, where he has worked alongside our construction crews and various tradesmen. Since his youth, he believed he could make lasting positive changes in the community he grew up in, which is why he is running for Mayor of Carson City. 

Nathaniel Killgore has continuously owned and operated Caterpillar's Hookah Lounge for over twelve years. His establishment has always been a relaxation destination welcome to all persons regardless of background or denominations.

In the time Nathaniel Killgore has operated Caterpillar's Hookah Lounge, he has fostered strong relationships with the local downtown businesses, participated in many of Carson City’s local events, and always supported public safety officials while opposing any and all forms of violence or prejudice.


Proudly running as a non-partisan candidate, 

Nathaniel Killgore represents the interests of everyone in Carson City, regardless of party affiliations.  



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